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March 2017

CDH places top priority on the Five Star Service to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied. Client satisfaction is something that we need to ascertain and ensure so our clients are well served. Sending our Voice Card is one of many ways to ascertain satisfaction. Please feel free to share your honest feedback with us.
Thanks to your loyalty, we are rapidly approaching to become a 90-person firm with three key office locations.  We are adding more talents in Great Plains software, Intacct ERP solutions, internal accounting, external IT and international business.
Companies are comprised of people. The quality of our service depends on the people behind it. We are a value-based organization.

We want to deliver new value to our clients continuously through our team members who pursue their dreams by working passionately and consistently.  We want our people to be friendly, honest, and trustworthy by following the CDH Philosophy.
CDH is dedicated to supporting employees' dreams and being a difference maker for our clients and the community.
Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.




Koh Fujimoto

Managing Principal

Is Quick Time a Risk?

Herb Reyes, CDH Inforrmation System Specialist

Apple is one of the leading technological companies today, and with its popularity, we are starting to see more Apple products being implemented in the workplace.  Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads are noticeably the dominant choice for employees and there is a slow increase in Macs being utilized in the office.  Despite this trend however, PC’s with Windows operating systems are still the leading device for business use.

In late April 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Trend Micro issued an announcement which strongly advised all Windows users that have Apple’s Quick Time installed on their devices to remove the application immediately.  This announcement was made after Apple informed Trend Micro that they will no longer support or provide security updates for the QuickTime application.  Apple not providing security updates enables cyber attackers to...(
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5 Star Service Philosophy

By Mary Duffy Segerson, CDH Facilities Coordinator

CDH’s 5 Star Service mantra serves as the basis for all our decisions.  All that we do supports this corporate mantra: on our website, in our office décor, and most importantly in our everyday interactions with each other as well as our clients.
One might ask, what is the foundation of this 5 Star Service Philosophy?  Our decisions and actions align with our clients’ goals and objectives.
This philosophy must be developed internally before it can be developed externally.  The passion and enthusiasm that we have for...(
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Our new CDH Chicago office has been awarded the Hines Green Office Certifcation!  Our suite has demonstrated an exceptionally high attention to environmentally friendly behaviors, supplies, construction materials, layout, etc.  Thank you and congratulations to the CDH facilities team and everyone using this office space.