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CDH Gives Back with New Annual Tradition
In August, CDH held the first annual CDH Day of Service at Feed My Starving Children and packed nearly 27,000 meals for kids in Zimbabwe.  We are excited to add this community service event to our annual tradition along with supporting Relay for Life, Strides, WINGS, and blood drive efforts as it is always good to give back!
Comprehensive Accounting Solutions from CDH
Outsourcing is not one solution, it's many.  Explore how CDH helps companies overcome any accounting obstacle on the path to growth.  (Read More)
Employee Counting Methods for Group Health Plans
There are many laws and regulations that are applicable to certain employers based on how many employees they have and how they should be counting these employees.  Figuring out who is covered and if the laws apply, can be complicated and results in unintentional noncompliance.  (Read More)
4 Steps to Qualify for R&D Tax Credits
Many people think that R&D tax credits only apply to companies that require lab coats to be worn at the office.  But the definition has evolved greatly over the years to include not only companies that manufacture and develop software, but companies in various other industries and start-up companies without revenue.  (Read More)
Foreign-Derived Intangible Assets
FDII establishes preferential tax treatment for C corporations generating income from export sales or services.  Companies with eligible income may benefit from a permanent deduction against taxable income, which lowers the cost of entering foreign markets.  (Read More)
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