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Spinning your tires in a snow drift is fast tire rotation without making any progress or forward movement. In today's culture of fast food, electronic trading, texting, and video gaming many of us feel the pressure to make decisions quickly so we can move on to the next thing and continue the pattern.

Slowing down the decision making process can prevent missteps and errors. If a process is broken, speeding it up will continue to cause problems, just at a faster rate. Delaying or waiting is sometimes (not always) the better decision as you can research the market to take advantage of new insights as part of this slower process.

Selecting the right ERP software to run your business cannot be tied to limited long term capability, slick sales delivery or aggressive pricing.   These are typical vendor practices in order get a quick decision and notch a sale. (read more)

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Unless your leadership has a disciplined program of continuous improvement in place with timely monitoring of the key performance indicators (KPI’s) and a process of corrective action when the company veers off track you will not maximize the improved profitability of these strong economic times.

In simple terms, a strong economy can create complacency within the management team.

A simple example is the concept of the Cash Cycle. In a manufacturing company, the steps in the Cash Cycle are as follows:

  • You start with cash
  • Purchase material
  • Add labor and overhead to the material to create a finished product (inventory)
  • Sell that inventory, which creates a receivable
  • Collect the receivable
  • You end up with cash

The definition of Cash Cycle is you start with cash and you end with cash – how long is that cycle time in days? The formula is Inventory Days plus Receivable Days less Payable Days. The concept is when in the Inventory and Receivable phases you have capital tied up. The Payable phase is the time period that your vendor is financing your purchase of material. The shorter the total Cash Cycle the less time that you have capital tied up and costing you money in terms of financing.(read more)

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WHO: Riki R. Shah

WHAT: Organized and Moderated the First Ever Women in Public Accounting Panel at Loyola University - Chicago

ROLES: Mentor, Coach, Creative Thinker, Difference Maker and “Taxpert”

DETAILS: Riki is one of our Senior Managers in the Tax Department and has been with CDH since 2011 (less a 9-month hiatus to discover himself). He specializes in individual, corporate, and pass-through income taxes. He devotes his time to both our domestic and international client base.

Riki is an alum of Loyola University – Chicago (“LUC”) and is actively involved in the firm’s recruiting efforts. When LEAD was established in 2013, Riki was the first male member to join the group. He believes that women are, and always will be great leaders and should be recognized equally as men.

Recently, Riki organized and moderated the first ever Women in Public Accounting panel at LUC. The emphasis of the panel was to highlight success stories of women as leaders in the industry. Five CDH female leaders participated in a panel discussion about a variety of topics and to provide advice to the young women that are graduating from LUC. If you would like to know more about the panel, please
contact Riki.

IN HIS WORDS… “I worked closely with the panel participants to create questions and moderate a discussion that highlighted CDH’s LEAD program and overall success stories. The goal was to promote the public accounting industry that I am very passionate about, and specifically establish a larger footprint on campus that will enhance brand recognition and attract talented candidates to CDH.”

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The New Revenue Recognition Standard

The new revenue recognition standard will change how companies recognize revenue. CDH is here to discuss the changes with you and be your trusted resource.

If you missed our Revenue Recognition Seminar or could use a refresher, please click below to view the pre-recorded webinar.

2019 HDHP, HSA, and ACA Limits

By: John Jaeger

To assist you with planning for your upcoming benefit year, the IRS and Health and Human Services (HHS) have released 2019 adjusted HSA contribution limits, minimum deductible and maximum out of pocket expenses for qualified high deductible health plans (HDHP), ACA affordability percentages, and other key benefit plan metrics.

To learn more, please go to: The estimated read time is 2 minutes.

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Investing in the UK, an acknowledged world-leading business destination, is a strategic objective for a number of global companies and international investors.

Click HERE for an informative brochure focused for companies who are looking to establish themselves in the UK  for top tips and considerations.

Team CDH volunteered at Bernie's Book Bank for Illinois CPA Day of Service on September 28th.  Bernie's Book Bank sources new and used books and distributes them to at-risk children with a goal of providing 12 books per year for 12 years.  They have distributed over 12 million books to children across the Chicagoland area.  Team CDH had the opportunity to assist with the sorting and packing of the books for distribution.  We appreciated Todd Shapiro, President & CEO of Illinois CPA Society, for helping us out during his visit!
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