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WHO: Yoko Yamamoto

WHAT: Started hosting new study groups for Japanese professionals in Novi, Michigan & Cincinnati, Ohio

ROLES:  CDH Principal, Business Evaluation and Transfer Pricing Expert, CPA, CVA, Best Practices Guru

DETAILS:  Yoko is our newly promoted principal who has been with CDH for 12 years.  She specializes in providing tax, accounting and business advice to multi-national companies. Yoko is one of only a few bilingual English and Japanese speakers in the U.S. who hold the business valuation credential, Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) as well as Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

CDH has been hosting a study group called “Best Practice Forum” every other Thursday at our Itasca office for over 10 years. This recurring meeting covers a variety of topics and has become well-known for improving business knowledge as well as networking in the Chicagoland Japanese community. Recently, Yoko extended our reach by establishing new sessions for Japanese professionals in Novi, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio. If you would like to join these gatherings, please contact Yoko at

IN HER WORDS…  “Moving to a foreign country and running a business is not easy. Japanese managers have to learn so many things in an un-familiar cultural environment. I would like to promote CDH to be the one-stop solution provider for Japanese businesses in a wider area in the U.S. You will learn best business practices from your peers. Please join us and check us out.”

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We have all probably heard about ‘the Cloud’ and the benefits of migrating our servers to it, but for many small business owners it is still a daunting step to take. What would building a virtual copy of your company server in the Cloud entail? How would we manage and maintain it?

If your company primarily uses its server for file storage, your move to the Cloud could be much easier than you fear by taking advantage of Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint technology. SharePoint allows you to store company files in shared locations, just like your traditional server file shares, but with a host of other benefits. For starters, you can access these files from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access by logging into your company’s SharePoint webpage. Once there, you can open, edit and save documents directly through the webpage even if the device you are using to access these files does not have Microsoft’s Office suite installed. You can also use SharePoint to basically build out an internal company website or ‘Intranet’ by designing different pages to promote your company mission & values, sharing announcements or calendar events right along with all the important documents you need to share access for. (read more)

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Forget the traditional audit where a team of accountants spend weeks at a client to produce a document that's out of date and expensive. The future value-add in accounting is all about advising (moving from obsolete accounting systems), predicting (using new tools to guide clients), coaching and consulting on the best path forward.

Future audits will be continuous 24/7, machine driven and only key anomalies (once false positives are filtered out) will be called out for human intervention. Cost of audits will significantly decrease as a result of this automation, so accounting needs to re-invent itself.......getting clients out of QuickBooks and into the Cloud with Sage Intacct is a first step in moving to a more tech driven accounting presence. (read more)

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Business Reinvention &
Workplace Security Seminar
Join CDH and the security professionals at Plan Prepare DO for
an informative discussion on business reinvention and workplace security.
We will highlight the factors creating the urgent need for proactive corporate leadership in both of these areas and provide insight into the process and requirements to effectively address each of these challenges.

Tuesday, August 14th
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM


We are very possibly entering a time period when there are going to be dual pressures on profitability.  First of all, almost all companies are going to feel the impact of growing inflation due to the general strength of the economy, both from a labor perspective and the increase in material input cost due to demand.  Second of all, the possible impact of retaliatory tariffs on either finished products or materials sourced from other countries will affect manufacturers and distributors.

The question becomes, what is the best course of action to “Protect Profitability”.  The easy solution is to increase the selling prices of your products, which your competitors will do also.  This approach will only keep your organization on even footing with your competition.  I would take the stance of developing a long-term competition advantage through a disciplined product cost take out (PCTO) process.  This combined with some level of selling price increase will give you a leg up on the competition.  This PCTO process should be driven by leadership from each of your individual product managers by setting goals for how much cost can be taken out of the product and holding them accountable for meeting those goals.  Ultimately that manager has ownership of that product.  This continuing process becomes annual not just a stop gap measure in times of the current cost pressure. (read more)

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Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Partnering to Address Healthcare

By: John Jaeger
Approximately 6 months ago, three of the largest U.S. employers announced that they were partnering in order to reduce healthcare costs as well as improve employee satisfaction.  

Since the announcement, the three companies have hired a new CEO to lead their healthcare initiative and Amazon purchased PillPack.

As the nation’s largest company focused exclusively on employee benefits, OneDigital Health and Benefits weighs in on this significant event;

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John Jaeger at OneDigital Health & Benefits;

Team CDH was all smiles while volunteering to help WINGS do an inventory count in June and returned in July to help prepare backpacks for the Back to School project!  WINGS is a program dedicated to helping adults and children escape from domestic violence and abuse.
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