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July 2017


This month, I would like to feature some of our newest business lines at CDH.  Following are the new service lines we have added since the changeover of management:

  1. Executive Focus Management Consulting - consulting that will transform your management team.
  2. HR Consulting - helps you form human capital strategies which will foster an environment that attracts the best talent and engages your employees to the best of their abilities, building a foundation for the success of your business.
  3. IT Consulting - creates a technology foundation that facilitates collaboration, makes you and your employees more productive, and aligns with your strategic business goals.
  4. Wealth Management- No need to explain what we do here, right? Become more prepared financially for a long time.
During the last three years, CDH achieved over 50% growth by putting our clients first with our Five Star Service philosophy. We are not perfect but you can count on us to listen to you and make continuous improvement every day. I appreciate your loyalty to our firm and constant feedback.

I hope you enjoy this month’s "News You Can Use". By the way, I hope you can stop by our Itasca Open House on Thursday, August 24th and enjoy a summer evening with us.

Koh Fujimoto
Managing Principal

Do Data Governance Programs Pay Off with Reduced Cyber Insecurity?

By Brian Davidson

The cyber world is inherently not secure.  In brief, the Internet was simply not developed with security in mind.  Consider the following not uncommon scenario:

Jane’s company was a typical family-owned small business with 10 employees. Although she knew enough about technology to keep things running day-to-day in her company, Jane wasn’t particularly concerned about cyber security.  The company used Office 365 for email and had an inexpensive, but still licensed, anti-virus subscription so surely this was enough protection for such a small operation.  What malicious hacker could possible know this company even existed or would try to target this small company when there are millions of bigger targets out there?
One day, Jane received a short email from a client asking her to take a look at a document he was sharing with her via SharePoint. She wasn’t expecting anything from the client but clicked on the link to find out what he needed. Maybe it was about the most recent project? The link brought up what looked like the Office 365 sign in portal she was familiar with, so Jane didn’t think anything of entering her email address and password. The page then loaded blank.
She tried it a few more times, including with a different browser, without success.  She then called the client. Even though the client confirmed the email she’d received was not from him, Jane still was not too concerned about the incident.

A few days later, however, Jane was unable to log into her computer and received a message (
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Are you studying for the CPA exam or are you thinking of becoming a CPA in the future? At CDH, we run 1 hour study sessions at our Itasca location to teach real life experiences of preparing tax returns, doing audits, and other practices of CPAs.

Studying for the CPA exam tends to be very boring and repetitive as it involves solving numerous multiple choice questions and memorizing rules. By attending this session, you can relate your study materials with real life experience.

Take the audit section of the exam, for example.  Learning auditing for the CPA exam can be difficult as you have not done an audit. So it is hard to imagine what an audit is. Therefore, we have an audit manager share her work experience from past audit engagements. Topics include how to audit cash, prepaids and fixed assets. In addition, you can network with those who are striving to become CPA's and learn how to study for the exams.

The session is held every second Monday at 6 pm at our Itasca office. Please feel free to contact for further details.

The sessions are free of charge!


CDH has quite a few clients in this industry. So, I have been studying this industry lately. When I think of fasteners, it is one of the oldest tools to connect objects in human history.


Also, it is one of the most important part of machines as it affects the safety of machines such as automobiles. Here is the summary of the industry. The key source of my information is from this site:

The global market for Automotive Fasteners is forecasted to reach $26.5 billion by 2024, driven by the ubiquity of fasteners as indispensable components in vehicle assembly coupled with new material innovations which are poised to add vigor to market growth.  Developments in metal forging, machining and coatings have over the years made fasteners extremely robust and reliable. Developments in fastener materials are also positively impacting the market.

Asia Pacific represents the largest and the fastest market due to the expectation of growing production of automobile in the area. Projected to account for over 67% of the world middle class population by 2030, Asia-Pacific ranks as an important market for automotive technologies including fasteners.

As we all know, vehicles are advancing. So fasteners also must evolve. They must be lighter, stronger and customizable. I also heard from another source, fasteners are a necessity for electric vehicles. This may be obvious as many parts must be fastened in an electric vehicle.

I will keep you updated about the automobile fastener industry. I think that this is ta very important industry for us.

Three years ago, CDH made a decision to donate any money collected in the soda pop machine to charity.  We are happy to announce that the last cashout was almost $400!  This money will be donated to the American Cancer Society and WINGS.
CDH will also be participating in the WINGS Back To School Program and Relay for Life events in August.