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June 2017

In an effort to improve our services, we will be asking you the following questions on our new Voice Card:

  1. Are you experiencing an increase in employee related matters (training, conflict, turnover)?
  2. Are you satisfied with your company’s 401(k)?
  3. Do you have concerns over the security of your data and/or your IT infrastructure?
  4. Would a customized monthly financial performance review help you with the management of your company?
  5. Could an outsourced payroll specialist enable you to better allocate your time on managing your business?

In which areas can CDH improve upon from your point of view?

We strive to deliver a five-star experience to you. To do so, w
e want to constantly hear what you think and feel about us. We want to be your partner to make your business successful.

As always, thank you for being a loyal client or a friend of CDH. I appreciate it.

Koh Fujimoto
Managing Principal
Having Internal Controls Isn't Enough

By Vincent Arcari

In an effective system of internal controls, the COSO model sets forth five key components that function together to strengthen an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives and mission: the control environment, the risk assessment process, information and communication, control activities, and the monitoring of controls. These components are integrated and interdependent.
Creating such a comprehensive structure has a downside: when one component isn’t functioning at an optimal level, the organization is likely to feel the ripple of that deficiency in the other components. It is easy for an organization to let any of these components fall through the cracks, and the whole system can suffer to some degree as a result.  After all, having a strong system of internal controls is no quick or easy feat; it requires time and effort to develop it, company resources, and competent personnel who are committed to maintaining that system.

In my experience, monitoring the internal control system seems to be the easiest one to let slip away. When we see the word monitor or evaluate, our mind can often trick us into thinking it isn’t required. We can say that we finally have our controls in place, and that’s good enough for now. This can’t be the case when it comes to internal control though. Monitoring our controls isn’t going the extra mile – it’s finishing the race we started.

Here are some of my key takeaways about the monitoring process that may be helpful to anyone considering how to make their internal control system more robust and impactful. (read more)

Technology in Religious Institutions

By Rashesh Parikh

Like many non-profit (and for profit) organizations, religious institutions, such as churches, mosques or temples have evolved and adapted to the modern world of social and visual media. Religious institutions now use the most up-to-date technology to maintain operations and stay connected with their members and their community.

The latest technologies in advanced audio, projection, lighting, and special effects may be used and can be a necessity depending on the size and location of the audience. Environmental projection is also becoming very popular as you can transform a plain room into various scenery.

In addition, with the popularity of smartphones, Religious institutions now have websites and mobile apps which can be helpful in staying connected with their community. Moreover, with the convenience of social media, questions can be answered via tweets, Facebook messages and pictures from events that can be instantly shared on Instagram. (read more)

On May 29th, CDH held the Master Plan Meeting which brought our team members from all locations together to share our goals and objectives for the rest of the year.  At this event, the CDH Culture Ambassador Awards were presented to team members who have been role models of our 5-Star service philosophy.  Below is a picture of the winners (missing in the picture are Sherry Vonderheide and Herb Reyes due to prior commitments).
Thank you for celebrating the opening
of our new Chicago office with us! 
We hope you can join us in Itasca in August!