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April 2017

For the past three to four months of our busy season, we have been very busy working with clients. Our mission is to provide Five Star Service, so we would love to hear your feedback in order to better serve you in our next opportunity. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our Voice Card and letting us know how we can improve.
Thank you very much for being our client. I appreciate it from bottom the of my heart.
Koh Fujimoto
Managing Principal
An Answer To Your
Hundreds of Unread Emails

By Herb Reyes

Have you opened your Gmail or iOS Mail app on your mobile device and noticed that you have hundreds of unopened emails waiting to be deleted or moved to a folder?
Why does this happen? Is communication through email deteriorating? Are you being bombarded with irrelevant emails? Is your email app not intuitive enough for checking emails to be efficient?

We can probably respond yes to all of the above. Configuring the Gmail and iOS Mail apps’ Exchange settings are unnecessarily puzzling as they have a clumsy and unattractive user interface.  Therefore, users are not eager to open the app and check emails daily.

Unfortunately, employees are expected to be more connected to their career environments more than ever, as days of not checking your email over the weekend are long gone.  Checking emails 7 days a week is a task that most of us frown upon, but if we have to do it, it might as well be done with an application that makes it easier.

Microsoft has come up with a solution. In April of 2015, Microsoft released the Outlook app... (
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Representing Your Brand

By Brittany Woods

I have always held the firm belief that the successful dissemination of a company’s culture and brand is dependent upon the representation of those values in the everyday actions of its employees. If employees are not embracing the tenets you have worked so hard to instill and are actively representing the opposite in public, it will create mixed messages about what you truly stand for and tarnish the essence of your brand.  My beliefs were reaffirmed recently with the LinkedIn post of an acquaintance about his eye opening experience at the airport. He was standing in line waiting to board his flight when the businessmen behind him began to swap derogatory comments about women that made everyone around them visibly uncomfortable, and then in the same conversation they proceeded to talk about their business partners. He continued that not only were these comments unacceptable, it seemed a no brainer that their very public broadcast was damaging to both their personal reputations and their company. Despite my acquaintance’s belief that it should be obvious that our behavior can be linked back to our company, people are often oblivious to the impact their communication and behavior can subsequently have on their company’s brand. (read more)

CDH was recently named as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Illinois and will be recognized and honored at the Best Places to Work in Illinois awards ceremony coordinated by The Daily Herald Business Ledger on May 18 and will be profiled in a special publication on June 26.  (read more)