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I would like to welcome our new CDH employees. Melanie "Mel" Shogren is joining our Administration team, Joe Caccamishi in Business Advisory Service, and Rashesh Parikh will be a part of our Information Technology group. CDH will continue to invest in areas that support our clients.


Last week, I visited  the Intacct (cloud-based ERP software) headquarters in San Jose. As some of you know, CDH sells Intacct and I am convinced that we have to go cloud-based in everything we do.  It is a big wave of changes that will affect every player.

In addition, I see more and more CFOs becoming forward looking instead of reporting historical figures. The role of the CFO is changing to meet todays demands of real-time and KPI reporting. Also, more and more CFOs do not have an accounting degree.


February is our busy time of the year, but please feel free to contact us at any time. We would love to help you accomplish your personal and business goals.

We will continue to send our Voice Card (pre-paid post card) every month to solicit your feedback. If you do not have any feedback, please feel free to discard the card. There is no pressure for you to respond.  I just want to keep another communication channel open so that we are close to your needs.  




Koh Fujimoto

Managing Principal

Recognizing the Squeaky Silent Wheel

By Lee Arnsman, CDH HR Sr. Manager
At the core of most HR professionals is a deep desire to watch others develop into leaders within our organizations.  Seeing greatness in candidates and being proven right as they flourish and become integral parts of our organizations’ vision for the future brings us joy and job satisfaction.  For some, the word leader conjures up images of a person with a charismatic personality that stands out in front of the masses delivering rousing speeches that stir the soul.  In reality, we are surrounded by leaders that inspire and develop others, but many prefer to fly under the radar - never even recognizing themselves as a leader.
I recently reflected on many people that fit that description at CDH, P.C. and felt inspired by one particular story.  Lorean Sneed was hired just before I joined the company by a hiring manager that recognized her potential.  Lorean works tirelessly providing payroll services for our clients; she has a vast amount of experience yet remains humble and downplays her contribution at every turn.  The inspiring part of her story is that she naturally...(read more)
Next Generation Office Space

Tom Callam, CDH Director of Operations and HR Consulting

Our firm recently moved into a brand new office space in downtown Chicago.  We had been discussing a Chicago presence for a few years and decided to pull the trigger at the end of 2015.  The primary reasoning behind adding a downtown office to the firm was in support of our employee retention and recruiting initiatives.  As a public accounting firm, we are always recruiting young talent out of school or experienced talent under the age of 30.  As with many of our competitors, it has become quite clear that the younger generation wants to work close to where they live, and increasingly they live in the city.  Our initial step toward a Chicago presence came in the form of a temporary, one year lease on Wacker drive.  The space was small (a maximum of 12 employees) and rather bland, but it got us downtown.  We figured that over the course of 2016 we could get our bearings before deciding on a more permanent location.  The new office was a minor success with our people, despite its mundane trappings and the idea of a larger fixed location began to gain more traction.  With that in the back of our minds, the firm acquired a smaller CPA practice which cemented the need for a longer term commitment to a downtown office.


As it became clear that our acquisition would happen, I was given the task of searching for...(read more)
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